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Rugs - Tips On Selecting The Right Size

Posted on April 02 2017

Rugs can be luxurious and add great texture and depth to your room therefore one of the most important decisions you are going to make when styling your home. The right rug fit can finish off a space perfectly and ground the whole room while the wrong one can make a room feel clumsy. We all know rugs can be quite expensive so you want to get the fit right to avoid those costly mistakes.
There are two ways we generally use a rug in a space. You can use a rug to unify a space or you can use a rug to define a space. Depending on what you are using the rug for there are a couple of considerations.

Using a rug in a living room:
When budget is tight or your space is on the smaller side a good solution is to have your rug sit just within your furniture so the rug nudges the front edge of your sofa and occasional chairs, sometimes known as the island rug. When using your rug this way ensure the rug is wider than your furniture, at least 25cm on either side, be careful not to purchase a rug that is the same length as your sofa it will look wrong and too small for the space.



The most common layout for a rug is to have the front legs of the furniture on the rug, so generally furniture is half on half off. It’s good to be quite consistent with how you place your furniture legs. If your sofa legs are off then it’s good to do the same with your other pieces. All legs on or all legs off - you get what I mean.  Below are some examples of half on. 



If you have a larger room or you have your furniture floating in the room you can have all the furniture entirely on the rug, Most of the time you can’t go wrong with this layout and it’s the best option for large or open spaces. When using the rug this way its best to still leave a gap between the rug and the surrounding walls so some of the underfloor is still visible.

Keep in mind that square rooms generally look better with square or circular rugs, rectangular rooms look best with rectangular sized rugs.



Using a rug under a dining table:
It’s very important that the rug does not interfere when chairs are being pulled out and away from the dining table. A general rule would be to allow an extra 60-70cm on either side of the table, therefore a minimum 120cm wider than your overall dining table width. You want to be able to pull the chair back and still have it siting on the rug.

Using a rug under a bed:
An easy way to work out the size of rug you’ll need under a bed is to extend the rug at least 70cm wider on either side of the bed and at the base. However the rug depth should not run the whole length of the bed, around two thirds of the bed should be on the rug and a third off. The beds footboard should sit on the rug, but the bed’s headboard and side tables should not. If you have a bench or any other furniture at the base of your bed this should also sit on the rug.



So they are the basic rules but we all know rules are made to be broken and every space has its own obstacles and well to be honest we all have our own style. The only rule you should never break is proportions as that will just throw your whole space.  

Established for Design has a great range of rugs available so check them out and please feel free to call our store with any questions or queries.

(All images via Pinterest)

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  • Nicholas: April 05, 2017

    What great advice Anna – thank you so much for all the great tips on rug sizes. I am loving your selection of rugs as well! See you in store.

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